Game PSP Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

Game PSP Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory adalah sebuah game FPS seru banget berlatar belakangkan Perang Dunia II untuk PlayStation Portable dan bisa kamu mainkan di android dg emu ppsspp.

Untuk gameplay pada game ini tidak jauh berbeda dengan game Medal of Honor: Heroes milik EA. Namun kelihatannya game COD: Roads to Victory lebih berfokus pada aspek single player daripada multiplayer.

Dan pada game COD: Roads to Victory ini akan mengusung campaign yang baru, yang belum pernah Anda temui di COD seri sebelumnya. Campaign pada game ini akan menghadirkan sekitar 13 operasi pertempuran yang terpisah dan tidak saling berhubungan satu sama lain.

Sampai sejauh ini, hanya satu operasi yang telah diumumkan, yaitu operasi Market Garden, di mana operasi ini merupakan salah satu operasi militer terbesar dalam sejarah Perang Dunia II.

Nama : Call of Duty: Road To Victory
Publisher : Activision
Genre :FPS
Region : USA
Rilis : March 13, 2007
Format : ISO dan CSO
Bahasa : English

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Game PSP Battlezone Full HD

Game PSP Battle Zone Full HD

BattleZone provides players with six popular and well-known game modes, including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Hotzone, Knockout, and Fox and Hound. For casual gamers, the single player mode offers an easy learning curve for pick-up and play gaming and a tournament progression to win upgrades and enhancements.

  • Designed to take advantage of the PSP system’s high quality display, BattleZone’s crisp environments depict military combat arenas from around the world. Specific sights include abandoned cities of Russia, jungles of China, desert canyons of the United States, Antarctica’s frozen tundra and the Canary Islands. Players can fight their way through the compelling open play of ten worlds in BattleZone, two of which can be customized online and transferred to their PSP system.

  • Capitalizing on all the PSP system offers with quick action control, close combat gameplay, familiar game modes and WiFi capabilities, BattleZone will yet again redefine vehicle combat action for the next generation of today’s portable gamers.

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Game PSP Adventure To Go! MOD

Game PSP Adventure To Go

Game PSP Adventure To Go! In this hilarious and innovative strategy RPG, you take control of Finn Courtland and his band of misfits in their quest for fame and riches.

Along the way, they just might have to save the world from the evil Arbitus and his demons! Each dungeon is randomly generated according to the your specifications, so the game offers endless replayability and a guarantee of new surprises every time you pick it up.

- Grid-based battles challenge players to think strategically!
- Control a diverse team of characters with unique spells and abilities!
- A huge variety of spells, weapons, and monsters.

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